Welcome to Ocra Studio founded by Stefania Loschi & Isabella Garbagnati in Milan, Italy.

Ocra Studio is a dynamic interaction between design and art that they explore through the elaboration of materials and the research for new contemporary styles.

Plastic free creations in which architectural details, sculptural materials and masterful forms are the highlights of their projects.

Stefania Loschi was born in Jordan in 1984 from an Italian-Brazilian family that made her travel the world and live in different countries before moving to Italy. She grew up in a highly creative environment.

After graduating in Interior Design at the IED in Milan in 2006, she moved to London to attend a master's degree in set design at the Central Saint Martin College of Art, collaborating with MTV UK and Next London, creating sets for television shows and photo shoots.

For the following ten years she worked as an interior & set designer and decorator, mixing her passion for architecture, art and graphics. She collaborated with Campari, Benetton, Ermegildo Zegna, Lago Design and Casamania.

In Paris she lived in the 6th arrondissement for four years, working on interior design projects for restaurants, shops and private apartments.

In 2017 she moved to Milan where she currently lives and work.



Isa Garbagnati is an Italian-born designer who lives and works in Milan.

After degree as an architect at Politecnico in Milan she worked with several interior design and decorating firms in Paris (2010-1017). She worked for Jean Nouvel's atelier at the project of interior for Louvre Abu Dhabi, Carbondale studio and she created a collection for Florence Lopez. 

Her concept straddles a fine line between architecture and design, finding a flawless balance between solid matter and light.

Her works blend the craftsman’s painstaking attention to detail with the artist’s unerring instinct, forming timeless lamps made out of precious and often timeworn materials.





. Feb. 2021 (Feb-Mai 2020) . Contemporary Cluster at Palazzo Cavallini, Rome


. Sept. 2020 (28-10.10) .  Milano Design City at Dimore Gallery

. Sept. 2020 (09.09 - 13.09) . 1000 Vases at Galerie Joseph, Paris


. Feb. 2020 (27.02 - 01.03) . Collect London at Somerset House

. Sept. 2019 . London Design Festival - Mint Shop, South Kensington

. April 2019 . Salone Satellite Milano - Stand C18